How Ai Can Improve Digital Business

How Ai Can Improve Digital Business

Online businesses need to consider Ai generated content to improve their digital process. Our service assists business owners from articles to product listing. Our Ai has been contracted on providing AI generated responses to provide business owners with professional content. Many business owners are focused on developing their product or service as well as the other responsibilities of being a business owner such as customer service, insurance, hiring, marketing, human resource, accounting, legal compliance and it could be overwhelming. Our service was created to ease the online business aspect by helping them generate the best content to help them increase their sales by sounding and looking professional in the sea of competition. Our goal is to reduce their time so they can focus on what matters to them. 


Lets look at an example of a product description below with the standard settings.

Product Name: Hashy (Your product name)

Audience: Hot chocolate lovers (Who is your audience)

Product Description: Hashy is a luxury product from France with notes of mints and smoky truffles, it's a pack of 12. (tell us what your product is to generate a professional response)

Tone of voice: Professional 

Max results: 250 words 

Generated response:

Hashy is a premium hot chocolate that is crafted in France with the discerning hot chocolate lover in mind. Each pack of Hashy contains a decadent blend of rich, creamy chocolate with hints of refreshing mint and smoky truffles. Our expert chocolatiers have carefully selected the finest ingredients to create a luxurious hot chocolate experience that is sure to delight your taste buds. Each pack of Hashy includes 12 servings, perfect for treating yourself or sharing with friends and family. 

The smooth, velvety texture of Hashy is sure to provide a moment of indulgence that you'll savor with every sip. Whether you're looking to indulge in a cozy winter treat or enjoy a luxurious dessert, Hashy is the perfect choice for hot chocolate lovers seeking a premium and sophisticated experience. Try Hashy today and elevate your hot chocolate game to a new level of decadence and indulgence.

The product description response of 250 words was generated from 1 sentence using the standard settings. It's recommended to be specific as possible to generate the best results for your product. All the settings can be changed because some ecommerce platforms need short product descriptions and other platforms such as amazon recommends having more content on the product description. 

Now Let's take a look at Google Ad Titles with the standard settings.

Product Name: Hashy (Your product name)

Audience: Hot chocolate lovers (Who is your audience)

Product Description: Hot chocolate from France 12 pack with free shipping

Max results: 200 words

1. Rich French Hot Chocolate - Hashy

2. Premium Hot Cocoa from France

3. Indulge in French Hot Chocolate

4. Decadent Hot Chocolate - Hashy

5. Savor 12 Packs of Hashy

6. Authentic French Hot Chocolate

7. Free Shipping on Hashy Hot Cocoa

8. Treat Yourself to Hashy

9. Luxuriate in French Hot Cocoa

10. Hashy - The Best Hot Chocolate

It will generate a list of you to choose from because google ads as well as microsoft ads lets you display up to 5 headline titles for an individual ad. It's important to note that our ai generates professional responses and you have to choose the ones that are geared towards your audience and multiple attempts may have to be done to generate the response of your liking. You also have to do traditional testing to find the best headline. Many businesses do an A/B testing to find the best results. Google is great since you can spend as little as $2 a day so you can test your ads. There are other platforms which have a $500 minimum which makes Google Adsense great to start and scale up. 

Our service provides multiple templates to assist online businesses to generate professional content starting at $4.99 per month. Our free membership provides you with the tools to generate blogs which are an important part of online business because Google will consider your business as an authority on the subject if you have long and multiple blog posts on your business subject. What are you waiting for to sign up now!